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To get in touch with Mark about commissions, prospective projects, or just to share ideas, please use the contact page above.

Mark Mardell joined the BBC in 1989 as a political correspondent for the Six O'Clock News. He covered Westminster for 19 years, working as Political Editor on Newsnight and serving as the BBC's Chief Political Correspondent.

In 2005 Mark moved to Brussels, taking up the newly created role of Europe Editor for BBC News. He reported from all over the EU and beyond, drinking Slivovitz with Montenegrin farmers on the eve of independence, patrolling the Polish border with guards on snowmobiles, and accompanying Nigel Farage round Romanian food markets.

As the BBC's North America Editor (2009-2014) Mark eschewed the courtship of politicians in DC, choosing instead to travel beyond the beltway and understand American politics at its roots. During this time he covered the start of the Obama era and unearthed nascent anti-globalist Trumpism in the form of the Tea Party.

Mark arrived back in the UK in 2015 just in time for Brexit, a phenomenon he has covered extensively, including in the 28 episode BBC series, Brexit: A Love Story?


For the past five years, Mark has presented The World This Weekend and The World at One, bringing Radio 4 listeners the latest news, award-winning journalism, and snippets of his eclectic music taste.

Mark is now pursuing a career independent of the BBC and is working on several podcast ideas and writing projects.